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Get To Know Us

We are a women’s clothing line portal showcasing our concern for women on the heavier side, concentrating exclusively on curvy, full figured and plus size women! We take pride in designing and displaying our clothes for women who have absolutely fabulous sense of style and believe in carrying themselves well in designer clothes not minding their sizes and shapes. We believe fashion for women should not be limited to any shape, size or age. Every single piece of clothing we design has a story behind it and we need differently beautiful women to tell those tales by carrying them well! If you believe you carry an outfit well, then you will, and we will thrive to create an outfit that you have in mind to bring out that style in you!

We, as a fast growing brand, have always felt it is the best to keep our customers, suppliers and stakeholder satisfied and have constantly worked towards setting up our benchmark high each time. We compete with our self as a brand enabling us to grow more and performing exceedingly well in terms of new designs, boutique range, products line, accessory line and in the area of customer feedback and satisfaction too!

We do have a quality process associated with every single piece that gets delivered from our store and we perform quality checks in different magnitudes to keep our customers happy and satisfied, in terms of products, delivery, services and assistance! We have quality assurance procedures which are in par with several fast growing clothing line brands. We take care and partner with courier people who follow stringent quality measures as well which ensures delivery on stipulated time without any compromise in promised quality. We sell women’s clothes across most categories including maternity, catering to needs of women from most age groups!